Why Aligning Graphic Design with Web Design Is a Necessity

Graphic design is an integral part of web design and is often considered to be the soul of websites. The artistic view of websites is envisaged by graphic designers and the creation of a website is the ultimate fusion of graphic design and web design. The information presented on web pages is made appealing by using the visual and aesthetic skills of graphic designers. The information provided on web pages is given visual shape through graphic design that is greatly responsible for attracting viewers. The speed at which viewers get attracted to websites depend on the quality of graphic design that fuses with the web design to give the most complete looks to websites. Graphic design is responsible for creating the most important first impression that paves the way for connecting and engaging viewers to websites for prolonged period. How this can be done in the best possible manner has been discussed in this article.

Graphics aligned to objective and style

Since the purpose of graphic design in website creation is to uphold the objective of the website, the design ideas should be directed towards realising the objectives. It also has to develop a style that matches with the purpose of the website and has to be organised in a manner that facilitates in meeting the objectives. The ideas should enhance the structure, design and the informative content by avoiding any kind of distraction for viewers.

Page loading time is to be considered

A graphic designer is not merely an artist but a creator who understands the demands of the web world.  Since faster page loading time is what everyone wants, image file sizes have to be restricted to optimal levels so that quick page loading is possible. Use of fancy images that can take longer time to load should be avoided. Even the total graphic content should not run into several megabytes and should be restricted at the kilobyte level.

Directing viewer’s attention

The graphic elements should have strong visual quality so that it can direct the viewer’s attention to the important content on the page without being too much pronounced. It also helps to give a more structured appearance to the page. But this has to be done with careful discretion so that it does not turn out to be an element of distraction.  Emphasising the right things and under playing the other ones is what holds the key to a compelling graphic design.

Leave the text alone

It is important to avoid the temptation of substituting textual information with images as it can cause more harm than doing good.  Text re-sizing is a viewer’s option that cannot be exercised if graphic text is used. There may be situations when viewers would like to enlarge texts for easy viewing and denying this opportunity can be a turn-off for viewers. Graphic text is not captured when viewers search for a word within the website.

Stepping into the viewers shoes is the best way to envisage the most exciting graphic design that can create wonderful websites.