Most Happening Trends in the World of Digital Marketing

Adapting some of the new trends that are emerging in SEO marketing is the only way to beat competition. Digital marketing has become more competitive than ever before, hence the need to stay tuned with times. According to forecasts available, the spending on digital marketing by companies in 2016 is expected to be more by at least $10 billion. So, it is high time to catch up with the trends that are doing the rounds that can be used effectively to work out a more potent marketing strategy. The most important thing is to identify the trends that are going to be hits and finding out the best ways of adapting it. Not all trends can be equally beneficial for all companies but there will always be some that can make companies turn around dramatically. Taking up the cue sooner can be rewarding.

Apps will rule

The strategies of digital marketing are developed around the ways search engines behave, particularly Google. Going by this rule of the game, one thing has become very clear – Google has started using information from indexed apps which is duly factored in determining search rankings. The cue has been taken by many business owners, who are now turning more to apps for marketing their products and services. Apps are not only more convenient for individual users but it is highly responsive too. Despite the focus on mobile websites, apps can prove to be the game changer.

Turning to videos

Advertisers on Bing and Facebook are being offered video options and that Google has included video content in its search engine algorithm, it is now understood that there will be a spurt in video advertisements.  This is recognition of the effectiveness of video ads.  Advertisement campaigns will now be focussing more on video ads than ever before to strengthen their efforts in digital marketing.

New strategies of optimisation

It is now time to look into the new optimisation strategy that is on the card. The emergence of digital assistants have compelled marketers to shift their focus from pay per click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that are already known.  To make business details easily found on the web, businesses can now embrace digital assistants that can answer consumers’ questions after being properly optimised.  This is a major shift from the laid down procedure of listing on the web and waiting to be found out by search engines.

Mobiles will dominate

Ever since Google included mobile friendliness of websites as a parameter for search rankings, there has been a rush for mobile friendly websites. This trend will keep on growing and mobile searches will surpass desktop searches dramatically.  Desktop traffic is likely to stay but the dominance of mobile traffic will continue.

Turn to wearable devices

Responsive web designing has already proved its worth by making websites compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices. With wearable devices like Apples smart watch already in the market and many others about to arrive, it is now time to adapt websites for wearable devices, too.