The March of Responsive Web Design

The advent of smartphones and similar mobile devices has remarkably impacted web designing. The foundation of web design was based on the premise that websites will be viewed on computers only.  And rightly so because way back in the early nineties it would be even difficult for people to imagine that someday mobile devices would also be used for web browsing. Website design in Adelaide was directed at a few fixed screen sizes of computer monitors. This concept faced a serious challenge when people started using mobile devices for web surfing. Considering user preference for viewing websites on the screens of mobile devices, the concept of web designing had to be overhauled. Website designs had to be made compatible for viewing on mobile devices without impairing the viewing experience on computer screens. Thus came into being responsive web design that is considered to be a land mark in the history of web design and development.

Responsive web design

The art of designing websites to make it suitable for viewing on all kinds of mobile devices is known as responsive web design. The specialty of this process is that a single design layout is prepared that can be displayed with the same degree of accuracy and finesse on different screen sizes and on all kinds of mobile devices and using different operating systems. The beauty of the design is that viewers are guaranteed of the same level of viewing pleasure no matter which kind of device they use.

Growing expectations

As opportunities of accessing the internet keep on growing – it can be accessed from computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many more devices, the expectations of users are also sky rocketing. Besides more options, speed has become the main concern for internet users who want everything to be displayed in a flash. Patience of viewers is diminishing almost at the same pace of technological advancement or even faster. Responsive web design has so far been able to cope up with this expectation with fair distinction.

Not an easy task

Although it may sound quite satisfying that responsive web design has been the latest success story of web designers, the task has been and still is very challenging. The most daunting task is to develop a single web design that can adapt to any kind of mobile device (there are countless variety of devices) and then to display it on almost innumerable sizes of screens. Moving over from the design aspect, the technical challenges are equally tough that might sometimes seem insurmountable.

Line of thought

A web designer has to handle the task of integrating the web content with responsive web design so that the content sits perfectly on the design palette while making it sure that the content flows smoothly from one page to another. There has to be consistency in design and a cohesiveness that puts all the design elements in its proper perspective.

Web designers have been able to create history with responsive web design which keeps on evolving with each passing day thereby raising the bar of expectation.