Trustworthiness of Websites Holds the Key to Better Rankings

We all know that Google does not want to show low quality websites. This does not mean that websites have to be attractive and good looking only, but it has to be completely trustworthy. This is an aspect that has to be ingrained into the philosophy of companies and reflected in the quality of website that they create.  It can be concluded that all reputed websites are trustworthy and this one of the reasons why these are reputed and liked by search engines like Google. If you want to earn better search rankings then first and foremost you have to prove your trustworthiness to the search engines, which would then feel that your website is worthy for being considered in search results.


Gain viewers’ trust

The widespread net of phishing scams and malware have made net surfers wary who take hardly a few seconds to decide whether to stay on a website or leave it. This is where trustworthiness comes into play. If you find visitors to your website exiting without a second thought, there are high chances that they did not find your website trustworthy. Building trust is essential to engage viewers and push them to a conclusive point where you achieve the end result of a successful transaction.

Be trusted by search engines

Making websites trustworthy to search engines as well as viewers and consumers is a responsibility that no internet marketer can deny. Here are a few ways how websites can gain the trust of search engines.

  • Be transparent – Provide complete and truthful information about your company on the website and avoid making empty claims. Tell people what your company is all about, its objectives and how it operates, its values and philosophy. This will generate a lot of confidence in the minds of viewers about your business entity. Mention the complete postal address of your office/s and relevant contact details with phone numbers, e mail address etc so that people can verify its real existence, if required. Be clear about the privacy policy of the website and even terms and conditions (if any), which should be easily found on the website.
  • Old is gold – Domain names are indicators of trustworthiness. Brand new domain names are not as much liked by search engines as compared to old domain names that have a history of being free from spam. Your best bet would be to buy an old domain name preferably if it pertains to the same business as you can gain good mileage from it. Having a renewal period of two years or more for the domain you purchase would indicate your intention of carrying on with it for longer duration which is a mark of business stability. Always use the top level domain (official) of the country where you are rooted.
  • Get quality links – Garnering quality links from other websites that are reputable is an indication that your website is considerably trustworthy even if you have a new domain.

Establish your trustworthiness to the search engines to get better ranks in the search results.